Our Services

Web Design


Beautiful web design brings a whole new level of professionalism to your business.

When an existing or potential customer browses to your website, whatever they see there is an important impression of your business.

If it’s badly dated with oldĀ font styles and crappy graphics, subconsciously customers are already turned off your product versus the one with the clean or exciting modern web page.

If this is a potential customers first impression of your company you may never see them again!

We can facelift your crappy website to something shiny & appealing to the modern internet savvy consumer and make you far more appealing!

Print Design


Beautiful print advertising, posters, flyers & cards

Magazines often have in-house designers that pump out fast “cookie cutter” advertising for clients under a very tight schedule that reduces their ability to give your advertising the attention that it deserves. We can custom build your magazine advertising and provide it to the publisher, giving you a fresh & attention grabbing edge on your design that isn’t pumped out by the same designer that did the 47 other ads in the same rag.

Posters are a speciality of ours, designed to any size you require we turn your content and images into something truly fabulous


Corporate Rebranding & Logo design


We specialize in giving your tired 80’s and 90’s corporate identity a facelift.

Logo’s are no longer living in a monochromatic age single colour words in 80’s fonts.

In a new age of electronic media and digital vinyl printed signage logos on buildings, vehicles, web pages, cards & brochures, customers today respond much better to vibrant, colourful logos, still with a simple design concept in some case but detailed effects & interiors.

We can animate your logo for electronic delivery whilst matching it beautifully to static versions for print advertising and signage.


Custom Coded Web Apps


We write web applications from the ground up based around PHP/MySQL and also including custom Javaascript/HTML5/CSS3. Our powerful apps run on ANY internet enabled device – browser/phone/tablet etc..

The technology is cloud based and always available to your users anywhere on the planet, live.

Examples of such applications vary widely from customer databases through to booking systems, if you can imagine it, we can write it from the ground up!

Already have a PHP/SQL application that needs some modification? We can do that also.




Fast & hassle free web hosting at competitive prices.

We’ll bill you once per annum and take care of all your hosting needs in one place.
Included in your hosting bill is ALL SETUP of mail MX records/DNS entires/redirections, really any of the technical stuff that you don’t need to or want to understand.

Beware of buying normal hosting accounts where you almost need a degree to get everything set up and running properly. With us the whole thing is done for you.